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Archways video
September 16, 2011

The finished video for “Archways” the lead single off the upcoming Sunset Terrace double disc album, “Sunrize/Sunset”

Directed by LK. Shout out to the kid Taylor for doing the metro shots too. Positive Energy Always Creates Excitement!


“No Doors In My Mansion…”
September 3, 2011





Ok so I’m a lil late, but I  was in Tampa for a good sec relaxing… But yeah, got with those Sunset Terrace guys and we shot a helluva a video for the single “Archways” two weeks ago. The video is in post-production as I blog this, but I got pics tho… The video’ll be out in a lil bit, I promise.

Check out my niece Timara (12) too… For a 1st timer, she handled herself quite nicely (although she needed a lil assistance using her camera, lol). Shouts out to all the lovely security at Union Station who harassed us the ENTIRE shoot. And shout out to the old white dude who was super live about, lmao. I’m it in DC… Yup.

Well, y’all know what time it is… The kid’s work never ends, and since I’m always adding to it… *deuces*

PS- That Bluecard vol. 2 is coming real soon… I’m down to redoing a track and a couple of minor adjustments, but I GUARANTEE it’ll be well worth the wait *holds right hand over heart*