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Where U Been, Jay?
October 31, 2011

A lil status update:

That BlueCard 2 is turned in and finalized, we just waiting on a release date…Tell me when to go, lls! I’m already the ahead of the game tho, so BlueCard 3 is gonna be coming soon, lol. It’s gonna be good year for music in 2012, ya feel me. I been rapping with my homie LK from Sunset Terrace, and he say that double-disc album Sunset/Sunrize is coming by the end of the year #stockingstufferflow so be on the look out for that (Nightbreed Ent.) And most importantly, my greatest project ever created will be here about March/April….. Me and a few others is hoping its a boy, but a girl gets the same love from me as a boy would, ya dig. #shoutout to that special lady carrying my baby even tho it hurts her so.  I might be a month overdue, but really It’s just been #ssdd on my side. You might get one more video before the year’s out, but check out my latest joint with Sunset Terrace called “Archways”:

I’ll be in touch…