Parent Hood

So yesterday, me and my boy Santos Dark One were doing a radio interview with the homie Bishop Twan, and one of the discussion points was about how kids can go down the wrong path in life and end up engulfed in violence and negativity. At that point, I snapped out of music-mode and went into daddy-mode, and I was reminded of how much I am blessed to have 2 very disciplined, intelligent young boys to raise and teach how to grow into men. Then I thought about what makes a good parent…. Dedication would be top of my list.

With so many day-to-day distractions in life, work, bills, personal wants and needs, I still don’t see how raising your kids becomes lost in the shuffle for some people, but I do see how it’s easy to feel a sense of assurance where your kids are concerned that all of THEIR needs have been met. I’m guilty of it too… That Nick Jr. goes on and it’s not like they need my attention or anything. I mean this iPhone… Wow. But in all seriousness, kids need a lot more than we sometimes realize. Especially in the adolescent years.

That’s where the free Will gene kicks into full effect. Sneaking around behind your back, “experimenting”, peer pressure, identity crises, etc. This is the home stretch. Almost to adult Hood. Not the time to wanna get lazy. Teenagers nowadays have guns… Not talking about the ones on the video game. Yes, there is a greater risk today of you burying your child instead of vice versa. What makes it worse is that the outlets that used to be in place for kids when they weren’t in school like after school programs, athletic programs, and most importantly the schools, are being shut down, with the funding being allocated elsewhere. It’s a trap. The people in control of these areas of development and socialization need to be pressured into restoring/preserving these for our kids’ futures in order to help curb some of this youth aggression. Volunteering at your local boys & girls club or YMCA is another way to give back to our youth.

All in all, the root of this is being a proactive and dedicated parent. Don’t settle for mediocrity with these kids. There’s no reason why a student athlete getting a 2.0 should be considered acceptable… That translates to saying “Its ok to be average.” My 2 year old son knows the difference between an eagle and a penguin… An eagle soars high above every other bird on earth and a penguin is just ice cold. Let’s not encourage our youth to need to be apart of the crowd, but to strive to excel in everything they do.

One more thing: RIP Maya Angelou. Poet, civil rights activist, inspirational speaker.



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