New Adventures

October 19, 2012 - Leave a Response

The best thing about being a indie artist is having flexibility to try new things without a corporation breathing down your neck if it fly or fail…. Not that I’m looking to fail outchea. Anyway, Shoutout to my n***a Daniel Williams aka Dezal for bringing me some great ideas and giving me the opportunity to help us both grow. For those who don’t know, Dezal is an aspiring comedian on the come up, and now that he’s linked up with me and ESRWorld, the sky’s the limit!!! Don’t believe it? Check out the new release of part 1 of his series, “WTFRUD” here:

Currently we’re shooting part 2, so be on the lookout for that coming later this month.



Why Do We Do What We Do???

September 11, 2012 - Leave a Response

I had an interesting conversation with the wife the night of the DNC, which coincidentally was the same night as the MTV VMAs (I know that wasn’t a coincidence at all): Why do celebs decide that Twitter is the right place to be a regular person and spazz out on fans?? More importantly, where did that pedestal go that celebs and famous people used to be on that kinda made them “immortal”?? I’ll be the 1st to admit, Twitter used to be that new age AOL chat room for me way back… Like I got all types of flirting on my all old twitter (@jaybiggz) which is what caused me to take a step back and close the account. Now upon creating the new @spaceagejay account, the most you gonna get outta me is a comment here or there about what’s going on in the world, which the wifey still say is too much, but 90% of what you see is promotional for all the music and media I put out.  More often than not, most artists of today’s internet-controlled society engage in argument exchanges via twitter, they declare love for 1 another or break-up with one another… overall, they just air a lot of biz that makes them come across as more “humanized”. Remember the days when you actually looked up to the person on the TV??? Like you idolized that person, that was your role model, etc.??? Where did that go? Her stance was in a nutshell: “As a celebrity, you shouldn’t be on there to publicize your personal opinions when being the star that you are is so influential over so many of the followers and the people who are fans of your work.” Some of which I agreed with, because let’s face it, if it isn’t the generic, uplifting tweet like “Don’t let obstacles stop you from achieving your dreams” type of stuff, most of the big name celebrities tweet about controversial topics and air out a lot of their personal lives, which only cause the followers to be sucked into caring about a bunch of nonsense which later on the celeb is just gonna say “My twitter was hacked” when it go too far to the left. The part I disagree with is the fact that a lot of times I feel like celebs should forget about their careers or their success and speak on topics critical to our society such as not taking voting in November for granted, and also topics that help to educate their fan base and encourage them to thirst for knowledge… Things that should be tweeted about more often to reach out to the youth and upcoming generations.

On Twitter, I catch a lot of talk about p***y, d*ck, etc… Makes me wonder what the hell some of y’all n****z do at night?? All the way 1000, if I aint making money, I wanna be with my woman tryin’a make babies… Not TALK about a vagina. What type of n****z are y’all? I expect women to rant about penis, sex, etc. To me, that’s what women do… gossip. And when I see women on Twitter, Facebook, etc. the 1st thought that comes to mind is: “She only here to get chased by some n****z online and gossip with other chicks.” (just being honest) But I guess it somehow became socially acceptable for dudes to rant right alongside the women instead of putting in the work/spitting game and seeing the chick 1 on 1. My homie HP often asks me why I decided to let my bachelorhood go… Because this is the nothing-ness that is out here now. Chicks are settling for the keyboard-hugging, computer thug n***a who will cyber-bun them to death instead of the n***a that wants to make her into a queen. There is a generation of females coming up that are expecting even less and less from the males, causing a decline in our community. Don’t get it twisted, I think social media is a great advancement in technology from a communication standpoint, however what good is it when you are tweeting a message to somebody right across the room from you? How much progress are you making towards finding wifey/husband when you spend 20 of 24 hours posting stuff to Facebook? Is it because our favorite celebrities do this tweeting thing that we feel we need to be on to be like them/replicate what they do? Is it because we’re more afraid than we used to be to actually leave the house and see people? Are we more lazy than back in the day? Let me know.


E’eerythang Proper!!!

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The 2nd single off my upcoming debut album “R1se2Pow3r” (Rise To Power) is here!!!

Produced by my brother and longtime collaborator MagBeats, “Proper” has me doing what I do best over a bass-heavy track: stunt!!! In my own lil way, of course. I’m dropping my usual dose of punchlines and banging out ya speaker with that end-of-summer heat, letting em know that even tho fall is approaching, everything #proper ya dig!!!


Download here:


Listen here:



Be on the lookout for the upcoming video for “Proper” as well as the album “R1se 2 Pow3r”





The Sun Has Rizen!!!

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The long-awaited sophomore album from the throwback hip-hop group Sunset Terr(ace) is available now on Itunes, CDBaby, and Amazon!!! The double-disc album titled “Sunrize” comes out in an era where less is more in terms of quantity of music on an album…. The average album in 2012 has between 12 and 15 cuts, but “Sunrize” is packed with 29 of the dopest hip-hop tracks assembled by me, Tilden, and LK to date. The premise behind the album is that Disc 1 is entirely produced by Tilden Dexter, while Disc 2 is composed primarily of compositions created by LK, with both discs featuring me pretty heavy (23 out of 29 of the total tracks). What’s the catch? I debut a new alias/rhyme style on Disc 1 which makes use of a flowing technique familiar to poets called stream-of-consciousness delivery in certain instances, as well as a deeper use of complex metaphors. Let’s be clear about this: Jay Biggz is Hip-Hop…. I didn’t get into this mainly from watching 106 or seeing a bunch of n****z hop around on screen with gold and diamond jewels. I really LOVE this sh*t. *PSA over* Disc 2 is the Jay Biggz that everyone knows and loves (and most importantly respects).

If you haven’t done so already, check out the video for the lead single “Archways”

Support indie hip-hop and REAL music so it won’t die out. You can’t change the world unless you first change yourself.


New Single From The Jooks!!!

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Off the upcoming Copyright Infringement 2 mixtape from The Jooks, check out the latest single “Shut ‘Em Down” featuring Santos Dark One, AK, and myself of course.

Download links:



This mixtape is the follow-up to the original Copyright Infringement mixtape by the original Jooks lineup of myself, HP and Santos, complete with that same street-blazing Jooks sound, with new bangers and vintage hip-hop styles blended, as well as a the history of The Jooks, delivered in detail and with never-before-mentioned factoids from ya boy. I can’t really get into anymore detail than that, but definitely be on the look out for this project if you’re a fan of hip-hop in the form of punchlines and lyrical content.

Also follow me on to receive updates on the latest music and Jay Biggz related info


We Are… DynoMITE!!!!

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Presenting to you, “Dynomite”, the newest video from Sunset Terr off the “A Prelude…” album.  Directed by Nightbreed Ent. head producer LK, the latest single features singer Reggie Mack on the hook plus cameo appearances from Mack and Ahlon, collectively known as The Trackuttaz:

Be on the lookout for the new Sunset Terr double disc album “Sunrize/Sunset”!!!!


I Did It For My Brothers

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So the single been getting a lot of love outchea… Big Shoutout to the homie 20 Bello for doing the video and Shoutout to the big homie DJ Gneous for taking time out his busy schedule to show love and falling thru to support. My n***a HP who did the beat for me… That’s my bro y’all. Make sure y’all head over to ITunes and get that too. Off the upcoming album R1se2Pow3r coming this December!!!

Stay Tuned.

They Dropping Like Flies…

May 8, 2012 - Leave a Response

RIP to Adam Yauch bka MCA from the Beastie Boys as well as Junior Seau, former San Diego Charger linebacker and future hall of fame candidate. I think its some more people who have passed on to the other side this year, but I’m drawing a fat ass blank right now.


This is “For My Brother”…

March 3, 2012 - Leave a Response


The lead single, “For My Brother”, from my debut album, “The Dillinger LP”, is out now on Itunes:

Thanks to all who support and get the song. Fa real, it’s a dope song, so why not support that? Also, expect to see some remixes coming down the pipeline for that featuring __________…. Y’all just better stay tuned.


On my beach chair…on a mountain

February 3, 2012 - Leave a Response

Young n****z, take notes… You actually CAN do something better than what “they” think you can do.  Don’t just beat the odds… Surpass ’em. We young BLACK typical but special muh’f***ers tho… Y’all can do it too. I’m tired of young black men crying about life, money, music, whatever like the sh*t gon be handed over to em.  Don’t nobody wanna give me sh*t, so why would they give you something?  Bottom line: determine your own destiny, PUT YOUR WORK IN AT 155%, and reap the rewards. But nobody respects b***h ass n****z tho. Get money.