Boycotting in 2014
June 30, 2014

Good morning to y’all. Let’s get this out the way… No I didn’t watch the BET Awards. No I don’t watch awards shows. “Why? Are you a hater?” – No. I show support where it’s needed. Those ppl you all tuned into to see don’t need any more glamorization and pedestal placement than they already got. Question: did you know Tech N9ne made the Forbes list? “Who is Tech N9ne”- The #1 independent hip hop artist in the country. Why don’t the BET Awards ever acknowledge the indies or more specifically a indie artist who is more successful than some major mainstream artists? Answer: Because they don’t want you to know that you can do this without a major label… They want you to keep thinking you need the majors and damn near ransom your soul to get there. That way you keep feeding into the system…. But y’all go head and do that. I don’t judge. This is still America. Just know that because this is America, that means it’s built on corruption.

I purposely left the last line off the identical post on FaceBook.