Boycotting in 2014
June 30, 2014

Good morning to y’all. Let’s get this out the way… No I didn’t watch the BET Awards. No I don’t watch awards shows. “Why? Are you a hater?” – No. I show support where it’s needed. Those ppl you all tuned into to see don’t need any more glamorization and pedestal placement than they already got. Question: did you know Tech N9ne made the Forbes list? “Who is Tech N9ne”- The #1 independent hip hop artist in the country. Why don’t the BET Awards ever acknowledge the indies or more specifically a indie artist who is more successful than some major mainstream artists? Answer: Because they don’t want you to know that you can do this without a major label… They want you to keep thinking you need the majors and damn near ransom your soul to get there. That way you keep feeding into the system…. But y’all go head and do that. I don’t judge. This is still America. Just know that because this is America, that means it’s built on corruption.

I purposely left the last line off the identical post on FaceBook.



New Adventures Part II
November 28, 2012

So after doing my 1st radio interview (link here: Jay Biggz Interview with Diva Ebony B) with my girl Diva Ebony B aka Diva Mary Kay over the summer, I been studying up on the fine art of being a radio personality…. It’s pretty damn hard. You gotta keep the show moving AT ALL TIMES. Anywho, I was enough to have my grind and passion acknowledged by Ebony, so after keeping in touch with her, she was gracious enough to give me a special dedicated day for me to host a show in September… Space Age Jay Day! (link here: Space Age Jay Day on Step Ur Game Up Saturdays)

Funny how God works… I’m an artist, and I love music with my whole heart…. But doing radio gives me the opportunity to make my voice a routine presence in people’s lives. I had a really great time doing the show in September, mostly because I felt that it was the perfect platform to reach out and educate my people (Yeah I’m talkin to y’all) about things that affect them on the daily, but never get really discussed on a public forum or brought to light. My 1st couple of shows involved talking about a hormonal disorder in women known as PCOS (poly-cystic ovarian syndrome), which in short can affect a women’s ability to get pregnant, and interviewing an expert on another condition affecting women’s health known as hyperemesis gravidarum. I guess my heart is music, but philanthropy in public speaking is my glass of Rose’, lol. Thankfully, (and much love to her) Ebony B was so pleased with the direction of the show, we came to an agreement that I, alongside her, would be the regular co-host for her weekly Saturday evening show, “Step Ur Game Up Saturdays” on Diva Spot Radio. To be honest, I’m only about a month’s worth of  Saturdays and some change in, but I feel very comfortable in the role… I almost wanna say I know what I wanna do if music aint it for me.  Not to knock other people on internet radio, but the main thing I love about our show is creating a show that is uplifting, educational, spiritual, and yet STILL entertaining, where a lot of the other shows I’ve been on/heard were a lot of filler and/or disorganization and structured more like a DJ running a request-line than a radio show. Ebony and I are very dedicated to the supporting of independent artists (such as myself), but a large part of that commitment is properly preparing ourselves for that day, should we ever make it big… When the whole world is watching, you have to know what to say, when to say it, how to say it, and how the people are gonna react to what you’re saying…. Nothing simple about that. I am very appreciative of this opportunity to pursue the path into radio hosting/journalism, so thanks and love to Ebony and God. Y’all make sure y’all checking out Step Ur Game Up Saturdays every Saturday evening at 8PM EST/ 5 PM PST either on or by calling in (347)-850-1521!!! All my shows up to date :

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